British Blues

PKD Negative Cat Household

Hello & welcome to my website, my name is Lynne
& I have been breeding the adorable British Short Hair since 2005.

I am registered with the governing council of cat fancy & my prefix is Sweetcheekz.

I chose this name after much deliberation & of course the fabulous cheeks that the British Short Hair
are known for, there is nothing sweeter than a kitten starting to develop their cheeks.

I aim to breed for quality not quantity, my girls reside indoors all are, before anything,
much loved family pets, kittens are born & raised with the help of my long suffering
(he's actually more besotted than me!) partner, grandchildren & our dogs.

I aim for friendly, well adjusted kittens the most important age for socialising being from 6 weeks,
we work very hard at this, there is nothing more rewarding
than receiving an email thanking us for a new kitten.


Contact us on 01932 703294

based in Walton on Thames, Surrey.